Hovawart breeding since 1988!

My first hovawart was SF CH & Finnish working champion (traking in the forest and obedience) Hovagårdens Svarta Uski borned in 1985. I wanted a dog with whom I could do working dog activities. Uski became the working champion in 1988, she was only 3 years. Show Champion became 1990, when she received last CAC.

I got the kennel Uskihoff ‘s name in 1989

Uski was mated Swedish male NORD CH Vitterklippens Falko. From this litter I kept male myself C.I.B, FIN CH, Finnish working champion (traking in the forest) EE CH -94, IHF CH Reimin Fabaron. Fabaron became working champion at 4 years. He was the dog of my life, of a kind hardly happens anymore in the future. Memorable moments are when he won in 1991 Finnish Hovawarts the first main exhibition and 1992 all breeds exhibition of Oulu Best In Shown.

In 1990, Uski was mated by German male Goucho v. Schondratal. I had decided to leave one bitch to grow in the home, but Raila (Hayaklause) was so tough, that in the end I agreed to give up bitch and I left for me male Uskihoff's Heineken (3 x CAC, 2 x BOB, 2 x BOS, LT + 233p). He is the father of six litter. The most famous dog of this litter is MULTI CH Uskihoff's Haya foundation bitch of kennel Hayaklause.

After Reimin F and Uskihoff's G-L litters, during 10 years I didn’t breed any litters . We had hovawart all this time. Heineken died in 2005 and we bought female BH Monzahova Beere. Beere was a character quite unbelievably gorgeous! Beere passed BH-test, but I didn’t had time enough to train her for the working activities. She was mated by MULTI CH Gipstern Fendor and 12 puppies borned. Uskihoff's Aya stayed at home from this litter.

Aya got her first litter with Milahow Gothic. Aya's second litter was with Steinroller Nandolf. Now we have female BH Uskihoff’s Carina from this litter.

In 2012, I bought a bitch Juurusjärven Brenna, whose father is Antares vom Vierseitenhof and successful mother Hayaklause Grenja. Brenna’s first litter is with Finnish workingchamoion Nugadogin Gentleman, which I have two females for breeding in the future, Uskihoff’s Farah and Uskihoff’s Fiona. Brenna’s second litter borned last winter (2015) with imported male C.I.B, C.I.E FI CH, BALTJW -09, LVW -11, LVW -12, JK2, IPO2, FH1, FH2 Asher Sus Armoni.

32 years I have had hovawarts and I have got many good friends and many happy times with my dogs. The breed has become so important to me that I did not even think to exchange it. Hovawart should be healthy and typical of the breed. It should run and jump easily.